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about 1 month ago
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  • you smell funny <3
    about 1 year ago
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  • No u <3
    about 1 year ago
    about 1 year ago
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    Resurgence of Phoenix Community Town The traffic to this area has declined since the introduction to /warp communitytown. so let's get together and revive the town!  Server and location: Phoenix /warp communitytown Theme: Build your own shop! Shop could be a bakery, book store, potion shop etc! Let your creativity go wild!Submissions will close Thursday 23rd May 7:30PM (BST) Rules: - The very first block must be placed after this announcement- Build's must be original, youtube/Pinterest tutorials are not allowed - Build must not be bigger than 1 chunk (16x16) - Build must be build in the Px community town - Build's must be solo - If you require perms at the warp. Ping me in general-px or catch me in-game! If im not around ask any Px Mod! How to submit:Post a screenshot of your build in this thread Including your in-game name and coordinatesRewards: Either Evergreen wings, Blossom crown on Fairy wings(Rewards on Px only)  : First pick of the items : Pick of the two remaining : Last remaining item  Judging will be carried out by the admin team
    9 days ago
      Round ends Sunday 14th 9:00PM GMT
    4 months ago