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January Map Art Event
Started by ImEvo


January Map Art Event


A forum introduces a whole new range of possibilities for Simple Survival and its events. To celebrate the release of the new website, we will have a map-art-building contest! The map art can be of anything you desire. However, it must be a single map (1x1) and built by yourself without help from others.

We encourage you to be as creative as you can with this while following these guidelines:

- This is an individual event. You cannot get help with building your map from others.
- Builds must be new, with the first block being placed no sooner than the release of this post.
- There is no limit on how many maparts you can submit
- Your art must be original, not copied from someone else or already exist on the server.

A staff member will verify all submissions to ensure they follow these rules.

Event Start: 20/01/2023 11:59 am GMT
Event End: 31/01/2023 11:59 pm GMT

All maps will be posted in the spawn area of the server they're made on.


A unique item of your choice with a custom name.

          10x Games Keys


Rename an item for the Legendary crate.

          5x Games Keys


No Item

          5x Games Keys


Event Submissions should be posted here:

>>Click Link<<



Credit to ForcedWater for the Red Evo Map! Forced recreated the original Evo Collection map arts that were lost when the Wyvern world reset, the original maps were created by Casabi!

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