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about 1 year ago
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*SevenGale, also me on Wyvern.7Gale Wyvern
21 hours ago
7Gale   Wyvern
12 days ago
Founded April 27th of 2020, RoseGold is the eldest active player organization on Simple Survival! The group was created during the early days of the COVID-19 lockdowns, with the vision of creating an inclusive community where players could make new friends and collaborate to create impressive structures. Over the years, RoseGold has grown from a small group of 20 friends to a larger collection of players from all corners of the globe, stretching our community base across Wyvern, Lynx and Phoenix and growing our discord to include 350+ members. Using the /warp feature, RoseGold offers an interactive community experience so that no one has to play alone! Our towns serve as a creative space that all players are welcome to build in, along with providing various mob farms for the public! The Wyvern server contains the largest portion of our player base and focuses on serving the community with our iconic 36 spawner XP grinder, fully-automatic shulker farm, quest farm, wool farm, totem farm, automatic and manual food farms, nether portal access, ender chest access and more!
about 1 year ago
Arena looks great, love the new warp on Wyvern!   
about 1 year ago
Credit to ForcedWater for the Red Evo Map! Forced recreated the original Evo Collection map arts that were lost when the Wyvern world reset, the original maps were created by Casabi!
about 1 year ago