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Clan Wars
Started by ImEvo

Introducing Clan Wars!

Currently available on Phoenix only!

Prepare for battle with this brand-new game mode, rise to the top, and dominate all your foes. Beat other clans in PVP to get to the top of the leaderboards and become the undisputed best clan on Simple Survival!

New Warp - /warp clans

- /clan war challenge <clan> </clan>
- Challenge any other clan to go to war with you!
- /clan war accept
- Accept an invitation to fight.
- /clan war deny
- Decline an invitation to fight.
- /clan war join
- Clan your clan's side and represent them!

Clan wars are thought in a last-man-standing format between the two clans. Both teams will be automatically balanced before the fight begins, so if you have three players and the opposing clan has five players, only three will be entered into the fight.

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I'm ready for battle!! Avengersss, *long pause* Assemble!

Will there be refreshments? 


Join Solarforged :D


Will there be refreshments? 

No, there will not be food or drink available at the event. However, you are permitted to bring your own

Arena looks great, love the new warp on Wyvern! 


If you want clan wars, join Surf (on lynx)