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New Discord
Started by ImEvo

Hello All,

We are moving to a new discord! 


Now, your first question is most likely: why? 

Well, I have to bite the bullet and admit that I made a mistake by joking about my age in a public chat a couple of weeks ago, and Discord locked my account for it (I am 30). However, Discord is currently laying off 17% of their staff team, and as a result, response times to proof of age tickets are 31+ days. I cannot afford to be away from work for this amount of time. The funny side is that Discord's moderation team believes I was 3 years old when I made my Discord account and the Simple Survival server. I will eventually get my old account back, but we will not return to the old Discord.


The upside: This is a great opportunity to introduce Discord's new onboarding features to Simple's Discord, with roles being selected upon joining, not through a random channel, and eliminate outdated features like the verification bots.


New Discord: https://discord.gg/3YNdcG8Vc6
If you have a rank for supporting the server, please find the #missing-roles channel under the help category and post your name there. 


Kind Regards


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bro what 🤣


Evo was totally just 3 years old when he made the server. IDK why he's trying to play like he wasn't.


Ghost(This is what Simple Survival calls me)


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