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Started by Jadziaa

Spooky Contest 

This months event will be Map art and Build Contest, this means can enter either the map art or build competition! You could enter both if you wished! 
The theme of this contest is "Spooky". We need to see your creative/haunted/scary and nightmare builds and art! 
Submission ends: 26th October 2023 00:00 BST 

- If you build it with someone else then prizes will be split up. All names to be included when submitting.
- You can enter either contest or both if you wish!
- Map/Build can be completed on simple only
- The first block placed on either the build or art must not before now
- Build: Builds can not exceed bigger than 3x3 chunks, that includes decoration (you will be marked down otherwise)
- Build: You must not follow any youtube tutorial. Builds must be original
- Map: 1x1 Map only
- Map: The Map art must not already exist on the server 

First_place: 6 Autumn Keys + Custom Rename an Item of your choice
Second_place: 4 Autumn Keys
Third_place: 2 Autumn Keys
Both Contests are judged seperately and rewards are the same for both contests!

Submissions for map: Map Submissions
Submissions for builds: Build Submissions

Any questions please contact Jadz! Good luck! 
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I would try but I suck at art so yeah, I tried making one once but failed on my end, tried making a happy face ended looking depressed face xD