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Colgate Clan ✯ Lynx
Started by Crabmonster

Colgate is a lynx clan with over 120 members, that focuses mainly on Events, Farms, and Grinders!


We are planning on hosting at least 2 super neat events for the community every month with millions in prizes, like Spleef, Boat Racing, Building Contests, Tossing Games, Mazes, Red Light Green Light, Musical Chairs, Large 2 Team Battles Consisting of over 20 Players, Hide and Seek, Hunger Games, Floor is Lava, 4v4v4v4 Skywars, Bracketed Iron and Sumo PvP, Trivia, Parkour, Obstacle Course Racing, Horse Racing, and Mob Fist PvP. (So much cool stuff!)
Make sure to check #events in the Colgate Discord and get the self-role @Event Ping so you don't miss out on any!!

We currently have 9 Mob Farms and Grinders, including the only Wither Spawner Available to the Public, and the Highest Generating Public Money Farm On Lynx.
You can get to these farms by using /warp ColgateFarms.

You can read more about each one here ---> https://discord.com/channels/1000164261089263667/1050976157362835576/1050976666446483507

Colgate is owned by Crabmonster, Bonz, and Upcast. We have a awesome staff team of AlphaPheonix, FiftyMars, Mokie, Superducky, and Vons.
If you need help or someone is breaking a rule, feel free to open a support ticket in our Discord --->  https://discord.com/channels/1000164261089263667/1000195458746036274/1000201944947765259.

Perks of joining:

You can get a plot at the clan home.

You can apply for our staff team when there is a empty slot.

You can get promoted to veteran (and maybe officer!!) rank if you help new players around with our farms or show off our clan to new players.

There will be a super fast and efficient farm exclusive to Veterans and Officers within the Colgate Clan built within the next few months.


So, want to join? Use /clan accept Colgate in-game!