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Waffles Clan @ Lynx!
Started by ItsLoryy

Group Name: Waffles

Username: ItsLoryy

Server: Lynx


Waffles is a clan on Lynx, we are fast growing and we aim for good vibes.

Waffles was created with the goal to make a cozy and fun place to hang out with the Lynx community for both new and old players alike.


Our perks:

🧇  A welcoming and friendly environment in our public Discord server where you can hang out in voice calls, vibe to music and make friends. You can also enjoy self roles, giveaways, game nights and movie nights in Waffles Discord. 


🧇 At our clan base (/warp WafflesClan /warp XpFarmWaffles /warp WafflesFarms) you find various up and running farms that are free to use. We chunk mined an extremely large area under the clan base to expand our farms. We are aiming for an easy and simple experience for the Lynx community.


🧇 We will focus on making quests easy to complete, we will build farms based on returning quests and we have a beautiful fishing pond where we can hang out together and catch leather. (ugh)


🧇 We got several residential area districts at our clan base available for players to claim a plot and build a place to live!


🧇 Always looking for new builders, you will have the ability to show your creativity by building tasks given by the build leader, but there’s also room for bringing in your own ideas and suggestions. 


🧇 There is the opportunity to join our event team where you can brainstorm on events, host them and giveaway rewards provided by the clan. For members this means that you can win Mythic Keys, ranks, in game currency and items by participating in the events we host.


We would like to invite you to come join our Discord server and experience the good vibes first hand. Join up, read the rules, add your self roles and let the Waffles experience begin. We would love to see you there!



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